Feeling better, might delete later, idk

To be honest, I had nothing for a title. But yes, I am feeling better.

Mike’s birthday was this weekend and we had a party. Our closest friends showed up and ate, drank, and were merry. It was a good time.

So last time (maybe the time before, I don’t even know at this point), we talked about Konmari-ing my life. One of the things that I was adamant about that I did not like was baking. Well guess what, I love that shit. I have discovered a challenge in French macarons and I had a blast tackling these suckers. They ended up turning out pretty well. I’m still not getting as much rise as I’d like out of them, but we’re getting close. Point is, I had fun baking. I went on a tear last week – 2 pies, 2 different kinds of macarons, meringues, snickerdoodles, chocolate chip cookies, cookie dough bites, sugar cookies, and cupcakes. (Ok, I made a few of these the week before, but most of it was done last week.) And I had just as much fun watching everyone eat everything I had made and enjoying it. There was more than one “try this” uttered between people. It was fun, it was gratifying.

So I got to thinking. What else brings me that same feeling? Finishing a blanket for a friend’s baby. Making a cross-stitch for a friend’s new house. Finishing a good book. Hell, even nailing that perfect smokey eye. Watching flowers that I carefully picked out, planted, and maintained thrive.

But it’s got me thinking, what else can I do? Why shouldn’t I try new things? So I have plans to take a cake decorating class (and telling no one – I’ve seen friends that did this get inundated for cakes that they’re expected to provide for free), when the weather finally cools off a little I want to start running again. I’m going to conquer knitting. I want to volunteer.

In news on the job search front – I had a phone interview late last week and was told to expect a follow-up email to interview with the regional manager (no, not the assistant to the regional manager). If I don’t hear anything by the time I head into work in the afternoon I’m going to reach out to the recruiter I’m working with just to follow up. Keep your fingers crossed, this could be good.

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