How to tame the savage anxiety

There’s a corporate visit today at work, so it fell to me last night to make sure everything got done. I did what I could and then delegated the last few things to the night crew. I woke up at 4 in the morning and seriously considered throwing on jeans and driving up to the store to make sure everything was done. I didn’t. I managed to convince myself that I needed to trust my employees that everything got done and everything was fine. It was hard.

I generally don’t trust other people to do what they either say they will or even what they’re supposed to do. Taking the power out of my hands and giving it to someone else was terrifying. I’m still not entirely convinced I’m going to be fired.

This is the part of anxiety that sucks. That little voice that you can’t shut up. That nagging fear in the back of your head.

But I managed to shut it up. So a small victory.

To be honest? I’m still anxious about it. And I probably will be until I go back later in the week. I haven’t gotten any phone calls/texts/emails about it so I’m assuming everything is fine?

I hope it is, at least.

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