I’m sick and can’t sleep

Hello fellow insomniacs. It appears that I have the flu. This sucks. I got the shot, but apparently the strain that’s going around isn’t represented heavily in the vaccine this year. Wonderful.

I don’t think I’ve been sick, really, in about four years – back to when I had a kidney infection that landed me in the hospital. I had forgotten how much this sucks. I’m exhausted, I ache everywhere, and I generally feel like crap. I’ve been sick since Friday with no end in sight. I’m still muddling through to the best of my ability – going to work, trying to get stuff done around the house, etc., but it’s hard because all I want to do after I do the simplest task is take a nap.

I succumbed to that desire today. What was supposed to be a 1-1.5 hour snooze turned into a 4 hour coma. Which, of course, means that I now cannot sleep. I have to be at work at 8, and it’s already 12:30. I tried to go to bed at 9:30 but I just tossed and turned, couldn’t get comfortable, and wide awake. Finally around 11 I got up, got the kitchen and living room cleaned up, got the checkbook balanced, got some stuff done in my planner, read a bit, all while listening to podcasts. I just want to go to sleep.

I was thinking about this today, though. Being sick feels a lot like being depressed, except with congestion and coughing. Think about it – no energy to do anything, general malaise, feeling down and like crap, sleep screwed up, little to no motivation, and the overwhelming desire to be a blob on the couch while watching The West Wing.

I’ve still been taking my meds as usual, and I know this isn’t a real depression, but this really sucks. It’s depression with phlegm.

I actually looked in the mirror today. My skin has no color, my eyes are kind of glassy – I kind of look like a zombie. It’s not a good look.

To everyone out there dealing with the flu – I feel you bro. We’ll get through this together.

I’m going to go find a cat to cuddle and try to get some sleep on the couch.

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