It’s like depression, but with phlegm.

So I had the flu. Had it for about a week and a half, and it was miserable. Of course, I didn’t realize it was the flu until halfway through, so I continued to work through it all. That was a bad move. I told Mike one day when he asked how I was feeling that it was like depression but with phlegm. I was congested, coughing, but in a lot of ways felt like I feel when I’m depressed – no energy, no motivation, the constant desire to take a nap, and there was definitely a day where I literally could not imagine ever feeling better, I felt so bad.

But I appear to be on the mend, I still have a lot of garbage in my lungs so my doctor gave me two inhalers to try to break it up and get it out. But I’m still tired. I get tired very easily. Most of the day I just want to sit down or take a nap.

Needless to say the flu has put the kibosh on a number of my plans for the New Year. Going to the gym has been out. I even still need to go and pick up my key fob and get a tour. I’m hoping by next week I can start going for easy workouts, maybe just a slow walk on the treadmill. This week I’m going to start doing some yoga at home just to get moving again.

I’m currently sitting on the couch with my feet up trying to get the motivation to go ice some cookies so I can distribute them to friends, family, and people that provide services for us.

I really just want to take a nap.

(On the upside, I’ve lost almost 2 pounds so far this month, so that’s good!)

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