Last year we talked about building a raised garden bed to grow vegetables this year. We kind of forgot about it over the intervening months, but it came up this morning, and I think we’re still going to do it.

We’ve watched some YouTube videos on how to actually build the bed, and have tentatively checked out prices for lumber and supplies. I’ve been researching when to start plants inside, when they should be transplanted, etc.

I’m excited.

Last year I really discovered my love of gardening. I designed our flower beds outside, got everything planted, and tended to them all year. Getting outside with my hands in the dirt is something I really enjoyed, it turned out.

And this year I’m planning on adding more.

But right now I’m enjoying the planning process and trying to figure out what we want to plant in the raised bed, and what, if anything, I want to add to the flower beds. I want to find a magnolia tree to plant next to the patio this summer. I love those trees. They’re the most beautiful trees in the spring, and when I see them it makes me happy. Happy that winter is over, happy that nicer weather is on the way, happy it’s spring, and happy that something so beautiful is still in the world.

In the flower beds I know that most of the plants should come back. There is one (the rhododendron), that I’m not sure about. It didn’t do well last year and I ended up transplanting it somewhere else, so I’m not sure how it’s going to do. If I lose it, that’s fine. I’ll be disappointed, but they’re kind of fussy about planting conditions and our soil kind of sucks. I’m just hoping everything else returns. I liked everything I planted last year.

I did find last year that getting outside and gardening helped my mood – it helped sooth my emotions, and getting outside was wonderful. I’m really looking forward to that this year.

Anyone have any suggestions on what to plant?

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