Hopes and dreams

There is some good in this world, and it’s worth fighting for.

J.R.R. Tolkien, The Two Towers

There’s a lot going on in the world – pandemics, recessions, political strife, bigotries, hate crimes, protests, riots… sometimes it’s hard to see that there’s still good in this world.

There are still people that are making their voices heard, trying to make a better world for future generations. Right now a lot of those people are fighting for racial equality, and not to minimize what’s going on, a lot of people are still fighting for equal rights for women, religious beliefs and freedoms, sexual orientation, transgender. There are also people fighting for truth and transparency in science. There are countries in this world where women are fighting to not be considered property of their fathers or husbands and to have the ability to make their own decisions. There are people fighting for freedom. And in all cases, as long as people fight, there’s hope.

I applaud everyone that’s still fighting, and I wish I could do more. I feel like posting a black picture on Facebook or Instagram is a good thought, but what does it actually do? So we do one of the few things that we can do – we donate. We donate to organizations that promote the roles of women in science, that help inner city kids, to women’s shelters, to organizations that preserve history. I volunteer with rescue cats. We donate time and money to organizations that deal with mental health. We give to food banks. We support politicians whose views align with ours in hopes that they get elected and can change policy and the course of this country for the better. Those are the things that we can do. But I wish that we could do more.

It’d be really easy right now to sink into a depression with everything that’s going on. It’s so hard to see everything that’s been unfolding both recently and since the beginning of the year (or hell, even the last 3 and a half since the Giant Cheeto took office – sorry if that offends anyone), and not just want to give up. Pack it in for the year and hope that 2021 will be better. The hard thing to do is look for hope. As stupid as it sounds, I found a bit of hope that things are getting better in that I was able to schedule a couple of appointments for next Wednesday for things that I haven’t been able to do in three months. I found hope in the fact that there’s been no COVID-19 deaths in our county in a few days, and there’s only been one new case reported in that same time frame. I find hope in the news that most people realize that the riots happening have not been started by the people that were protesting, and recognize that they are the work of people who hijacked the event and want to do nothing but cause disruption and mayhem.

I find hope in the caring I see among my friends and family. Even just the texts that say, “hey, you good?” I find hope in all of the people I worked with last weekend who came from all walks of life to help find a 6 year old’s cat that got out. I find hope in the love I see between people of all walks of life.

Sometimes it’s hard, but I find hope in as many places as I possibly can. Because that’s how I get through the day, and that’s how I keep myself from sliding into somewhere dark.

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