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Finally feeling better

I had a check in with my therapist. We did a sort of check list of all of the things that could affect my sleeping. Nothing. As far as anyone can tell there is no underlying cause of my sleeplessness, at least mentally. I did sleep again last night, unmedicated this time, so that’s a promising sign. I’m not ready to call victory in the war, but I’m gaining ground.

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I hit my Goodreads reading challenge for the year. I had wanted to read 30, and with finishing The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes by Suzanne Collins last week, I did it. I hate to admit this, but 13 of the books were cheesy romances, which we will never speak of again.

But, I did read some phenomenal books this year. I’m working on re-reading the Red Rising series, and finished books two and three this year. I’m hoping to tackle the fourth book in the series as soon as I’m done with the Lovecraft anthology that I’m currently reading. I don’t think I’ve actually read Iron Gold or Dark Age, yet, so I’m looking forward to those in the next few months. If you’re at all a fan of sci-fi or fantasy, I highly suggest checking them out. I’ve heard the series described as Game of Thrones in space, but that totally doesn’t do it justice.

The Starless Sky by Erin Morgenstern was another standout of the year. She wrote The Night Circus, which I read a few years ago and absolutely loved, and I adored this book as well. The story was amazing, but the world building is what really pushes this book along. It was the same with The Night Circus (which I also highly recommend). She manages to create a fantasy world that is so rich and immersive without bogging you down in details. And the great thing is, these are stand-alone books. I feel like so many authors anymore can’t seem to write anything other than series (I can’t tell you how many times I start getting close to the end of a book and end up irritated because now I’m bogged down in yet another series), but Morgenstern manages to create these beautiful worlds and stories that are self contained and are completely original. While there are familiar elements in both books, the stories are so unique.

Another one that I loved was Anatomy of a Scandal by Sarah Vaughan. It was a story of lies and deceit, retribution. I’m normally not a fan of books that alternate between present day POV and flashbacks, but she does it well, and it actually helps push the story along. In many ways its a legal thriller, but it’s also a story about justice and a woman finally learning to deal with her past.

You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.

CS Lewis

These are just some of my favorites from this year. Toward the end of the year I’ll do a bigger in depth reading recap of the year, but for now, these are the tops in the original 30 I set as my goal.

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