Things that I do when I’m bored

I don’t have a lot of downtown these days, but I do have some. Those times where you’re just sitting on the couch, home alone, the TV is one but you’re not really watching it.

I’ve recently realized that I do a few things online, and now algorithms realize that these are the things to I do (I’m looking at you, Facebook), so it keeps feeding me these things.

The first thing is that I read brief histories of historical royal women. There’s a few pages that I follow that post these often, so I read those, and then end up going to Google to learn more. I will fall down rabbit holes of these women’s lives, following link after link until I’m not coming across anything that I haven’t already read without digging into scholarly articles. But I admit, I have tracked down those articles a time or two. I was listening to a podcast today, don’t ask me which as I can’t remember, and someone made the comment of how men ruled the world, but women apparently had the power to topple entire dynasties. They weren’t entirely wrong. I feel as though in some ways, the seeds of women’s liberation were planted by some of these women.

I have a fascination with history, specifically monarchies and the royals of the time. I’m especially fascinated by Tudor era England and will read damn near anything that even references this time period and family. But this thirst for knowledge doesn’t end there – France, Spain, the Low Countries, Asia, doesn’t matter. I’ll read it all. At least this “I’m bored and don’t want to do anything” hobby results in my learning something. The other two things… not so much.

Icing cookies. I will watch videos of people icing cookies for a ridiculously long time. I tell myself that I’m learning new techniques, but we all know that while my baking skills are pretty damn good (if I do say so myself), my icing skills are lacking, at best, and I typically don’t have the patience to do anything more than the most basic icing. But I will watch people ice intricate cookies that are practically works of art until I reach the end of the internet. I’m utterly mesmerized watching these videos. Part of me tells myself that I’m going to attempt it one day, the other tells me to be realistic and know that it’s not happening. But the videos are cool to watch.

Lastly, Brad Mondo. He’s a celebrity hair styles that’s also mega YouTube famous in the hair world. My favorite of his videos are the reaction ones – Brad Mondo reacts to people bleaching their hair at home. Or Brad Mondo reacts to at home color fails. It’s stupid as all hell, but I love them. Now, I have absolutely no intention of ever doing any of these things myself (girl, I pay to get my hair dyed blue-black every six weeks. I’m not doing shit myself), but I love watching these videos. I have no idea why.

So yeah, these are the three totally random things that I do when I’m bored to pass the time. I’ve learned a lot about all three things, and I’m a sucker for all of them. I really almost hate to admit that I do any of these things, but there you go.

Do any of you have any bizarre things that you do when you’re bored? I’m always curious what people fill their time with when there’s either nothing else to do or you just don’t want to do anything, especially anything productive.

4 thoughts on “Things that I do when I’m bored

  1. Nothing bizarre for me, I’m too boring! I read a lot, online or actual books (my daughter is amused by my fascination with Europe). I write poetry when I’m alone, because I can’t write with anyone in the room. I also find live rock concerts (online or DVDs) and watch those when no one is around to interrupt me.

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