The one where I worked 5 hours on my day off

My boss messed with the schedule the other day without running it by me first. I would have told him that if he did that, he was taking the only closing cashier. But he didn’t, so he ended up screwed. The plan last night was for me to go in and give him a hand for about two hours. Nope. Nope. Nope. I ended up going in earlier than expected and working five hours. No breaks. No help. Just me on the desk and him on the other register. It was a night. And I’m exhausted. Honestly, though? I felt bad that he completely screwed himself. I genuinely like the guy, and I know how it is to have no cashiers. So I went in, even earlier than planned, and made the night work.

I figure at the very least I’m building some good will – I’m going to need him soon as I’m going to be applying for corporate jobs in the next week or two. He’s on board, but I want to use him as a reference, so the more that I can do to suck up, I’m going to do it. I want a corporate job. I want to use my degrees. And honestly? I want the money.

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