week in review

Week in Review – 10.11.2020

What a week. A lot happened, and nothing happened, all at the same time. Right now? I need a nap. But dinner and a shower are higher on the list still. This is subject to change.

One important thing I learned this week is how to prioritize what needs to be done, what should be done, and what could be done. And I’m not beating myself up if not everything gets done, so long as the important things are. Once I re-figured this out, it was another productive week. I got done everything that I wanted to get done, even a number of things that just could be done.

Here’s some of the highlights:

  • I got back into podcasts. I did a whole post about this earlier in the week, but just to recap, I hadn’t realized that I wasn’t listening to podcasts anymore. I love podcasts of all different topics and genres. Looking back it started to get to the point where I just couldn’t concentrate on them – hell, I wasn’t even listening to them when I did have them on. A flip switched, though, and I’m back at it on my commute, while I’m at home doing things, whatever. Podcasts are back in my life. I hadn’t realized how much I had missed them.
  • As I stated earlier, it was a super productive week. I’m slowly working things that I had let fall by the wayside back into my daily and weekly routines in ways that make sense and still maximize my time. One thing I’ve discovered the joy of – curbside pick up for all sorts of things from all sorts of stores. Not having to actually go into a store and spend 45 minutes or longer (or sometimes shorter) searching for everything that I want is a hell of a time saver when you’re doing it at three stores in one day. I can get all of the “shopping” done in under an hour and be home again. There’s an added bonus to this – I’m not buying random crap that I don’t need because it looks interesting or whatever. It’s made it a lot easier to stick to a budget when someone does the shopping for you.
  • We had a Zoom dinner with friends. For awhile we were doing this every other week, but it somehow fell by the wayside for a bit. But we “got together” with them and visited and had a good time while Mike and I ate hot dogs. It was good catching up with them. I don’t think we’ll go back to a biweekly schedule, but definitely once a month.
  • Other than last night, sleep has been good. The dreaded close-open happened (again) last night (because my boss is a butthead and insisted on doing the manager’s schedule and then didn’t pay attention to what he was scheduling everyone, namely me, but I digress). I got home from work, not tired. Folded laundry. Not tired. Cleaned up the kitchen. Not tired. Loaded the dishwasher. Not tired. Scooped the litter box (fun fact – one of the boxes is in the bedroom and I totally did this with a headlamp on so I didn’t wake Mike). Not tired. Uuuuuuuugh. It was one of those nights. I finally ended up getting about 5 hours of sleep. It SUCKED today at work.
  • I got the garden winterized. This is my least favorite part of gardening – cutting everything back for the winter means there’s no green or color in the garden other than shrubs. It signals that summer is over, fall is here, and winter is coming. I love fall, hate winter.
  • My diet control is getting better. Really knuckling down and counting both calories and macros has been hard, at times, but for the most part (I’m looking at you, Friday) it’s been ok. My weight is down a bit even from the beginning of the week, so that’s a plus.
  • I unfroze my gym membership – I’ll be ready to go as of tomorrow, and I plan on heading right there after work. I need this more than I think I realized. Working out at home is all well and good, and I will continue to do so, but there’s something about physically going to the gym and even just hitting a treadmill for 30 minutes. If I’m at home, I can still easily be pulled in different directions. When I’m at the gym, I can ignore my phone, texts, emails, etc. I’m really looking forward to this.
  • The roommate is moving out! First week of November he’s gone. It’s not that I don’t like him, or mind him being here – far from it, actually. But I’m looking forward to, after almost three years, having this space just being me, Mike, and the cats. No one coming and going at odd hours (and consistently setting the damn alarm off). No more having to wear pants. But the best part – we’ve decided to turn his bedroom into an office for me! No more working on everything from this blog, to bills, to planner stuff, to whatever else, on my lap on the couch. I’ve got everything I need in an Amazon wish list, and with my bonus coming soon I can literally afford to buy everything in one fell swoop and then spend a day building everything and setting everything up the way that I want it. I am so excited it isn’t even funny. I’ll have a place for my collections of books, and Funkos, and I can start collecting things like wands and lightsabers and swords because I’ll finally have a place to put them. The living room and bedroom can get uncluttered as I move everything up there onto the bookcase and shelves, and I’m going to turn the closet into a crafting storage place where I can keep yarn, scrapbooking supplies, candle making stuff, all of it. I’m hoping to get all of my hobby and crafting and organization stuff all in one place, in a space that I can actually use. I’m super excited. I’m happy for him that’s finally back on his own two feet, and I’m happy for us because we can take our house back.

That’s pretty much all I’ve got for this week. Next week I’ve got my last tattoo appointment for my Winter Soldier piece, and we’re going to legit layout the sleeve we’re going to start next month. Vacation starts next Friday afternoon (the 23rd) and I am so looking forward to kicking back and relaxing before the holidays, getting stuff done around the house, doing some baking, sacking out on the couch with a book for three hours because I have nowhere to be, possibly headed downtown to get my rook checked out and get a daith while I’m there, and we’re headed to Gettysburg and then off to see the in-laws for a long weekend, only to end it with another tattoo appointment.

There’s a lot to look forward to over the next few weeks, and I definitely am. But I just have to take it one day at a time.

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