week in review

Week in Review – 10.25.2020

The most important thing you need to know about last week, is as of 2:35 Friday afternoon I am on vacation!

I really needed a break. I’ve been just over 48 hours and I’ve already felt so much of the stress fade away. I’m relaxed. I’m doing the things I want to do on the timeline that I want to do them. I slept in this morning, decided to get my butt moving and get to the gym where I had a great workout. Picked up groceries and whatnot, came home, and I had a two hour marathon call with a friend.

For the most part, the week was pretty normal. Work was work – busy and short-staffed. What else is new? But I managed to get everything done to prep for being on vacation, and I think I set everyone up for success while I’m gone. At the very least they won’t run out of anything. Or they shouldn’t.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Mike and I had a lovely breakfast earlier this week before we both went to work at a local bougie breakfast place. It was nice spending time together on a day where we’d both normally be doing our own things before work.
  • My tattoo was healed by earlier this week. Mike was a little annoyed that I apparently can heal a tattoo in 9 days where his took over three weeks.
  • Got a few good workouts in. No major weight change – pretty much held steady all week. Kind of surprising, really, as I had at least two days of I’M GOING TO EAT ALL OF THE FOOD. No regrets, though. I got back at it today.
  • We had a really lovely dinner with friends last night where we met a good friend of ours new boyfriend. He was also lovely.
  • I’m sure you remember a few months ago when I just wasn’t sleeping. Well, since that ended, I’ve been sleeping, but not well. Between that and waking up with aches and pains (which I attributed to the weather getting cooler), I bit the bullet and after some research bought this mattress topper. Last night was the first night on it. Holy crap. It’s the best sleep I’ve had in a long time, possibly over a year, and I didn’t wake up sore. Granted, an n=1 doesn’t mean much, statistically speaking, but I’m cautiously hopeful.

Tomorrow I go get my rook piercing checked out, and will be getting a daith at the same time. With the exception of one other piercing I want, I think this is pretty much it, at least for awhile in terms of piercings. There’s not a whole lot on the agenda for the rest of the week. A few appointments, getting together with a friend or two at least once more, and then a mini trip out of town at the end of the week. I’ve got stuff to do, sure, but I plan on planning relaxing as much as possible at the same time.

Mental health has been good all week, a little anxiety toward the end of the week. I worked at a job a number of years ago that they always fired someone the day before vacation. All these years later I still get a bit nervous about it. There’s no reason I’d be fired, but still… anxiety. It’s a bitch.

Well, that’s it for this week. Stay safe, friends!

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