week in review

Week in Review – 11.22.2020

I can’t believe that this week is Thanksgiving. With everything that’s happened this year, it’s just flown by. February and the start of COVID seems like so long ago. Hard to believe that it was just nine months.

A lot happened, but a lot didn’t happen this week. Here’s the rundown.

  • The anniversary dinner went splendidly, despite some major issues, most notably the fact that we lost power just as the meat was supposed to go into the oven. But Mike saved the day and figured out how to rig the roasting pan on the stove so it would cook. We did the mashed potatoes with no problem (the only thing that was supposed to cook on the stovetop), so we at least had meat and potatoes, and the crème brûlée was already done. Luckily the power came on just before the meat and the potatoes were done so I was able to make the bruschetta and the asparagus. Horray! We had a lovely dinner despite the problems.
  • Overall the week was pretty good – no major problems. Wednesday was rough on five hours of sleep, but I made it work.
  • Workouts were lacking through the week, I just couldn’t seem to get to the gym or find the time to workout at home. Hopefully this will be remedied next week. I need to prioritize this as much as possible. But I did get back to the gym on Friday night, and guess what – I started running again! Well, sort of. I ran a lot in high school, and fell out of the practice over the years. I’m trying to get back to it. I’ve tried Couch to 5k, Running with Zombies, etc., but I’ve found that I really struggle with these programs because my baseline fitness isn’t the best. Sure, I’ve lost weight and have gotten stronger, but in terms of cardio, it’s just not there. So I stumbled across an article this morning (on Runners World, maybe? I don’t know. I’d link it if I could, but I can’t find it again) that gave what I considered to be great advice about how to get into running. Outside, treadmill, doesn’t matter. So here’s the plan – you walk for five minutes, and then jog as long as you can until you can hear your breath and then go back to walking. When you feel ready, do it again. Repeat until you hit 30 minutes total. Once you’re able to run for the full 30, add 5 minutes. Two-three weeks later, add another 5. So I did it tonight. And I found that I was jogging a decent bit – not as much as I’d like, but more than I thought I would. But this actually seems manageable. It goes at my own pace, and gives me a benchmark of when I should be running and when I should be walking. To me, at least, this seems like something that’s sustainable with small gains each time, rather than killing yourself to the point that you’re discouraged and stop. I’m actually excited about this. I’ll keep you updated on my progress as we go on. Either way, got a good session in this afternoon when I got done with work.
  • Along the same vein, I’m getting more into lifting. I spent Saturday at the gym testing out the equipment while lifting, as well as setting a baseline for my maxes. Some were absolutely pathetic. But this is why I go to the gym, right? But it gives me a good jumping off point and I know where I’m starting.
  • Spent some time with friends this week – had a late beer after work one night with one friend, and then pizza and crafting with another friend after work. I was supposed to have lunch with a third friend tomorrow but she had to cancel. That sucks, but we’ll make it work soon. Both of our schedules are kind of nuts – hers more than mine (if you can believe that), so we’ll work something out soon, hopefully.
  • Mental health this week has been good. Upping the dose of Zyprexa was definitely a smart move. That’s the one thing that I really like about my doctor – he’s more than willing to follow my lead as long as it makes sense. I was the one that decided to up the dosage based on how I was feeling. Via email I let him know what was going on, told him what I felt was the best plan going forward, he agreed, he agreed. It’s nice being in control of my illness and medication. He’s known me long enough that he knows I don’t make med changes lightly, and he trusts my judgement when it comes to them. He understands that no one knows how I feel better than I do, so he lets me take the lead. We’ll talk more when I see him remotely in a few weeks, but I assume that this med change will stand for at least the foreseeable future.
  • There’s been a definite upside to moving all of my stuff into the office. For one, without the computer in the living room I don’t feel the need to be constantly working on something – paying bills, balancing the checkbook, messing with the budget, blogging, doing whatever. I’m able to spend more time focusing on the here and now. Also, without so many craft projects easily at hand, I’m making noticeable progress on one rather than scant progress on many.
  • My normal personal care routine has fallen by the wayside this week, again mostly due to time constraints. But also because I kind of felt like I needed a break. It’s not that it’s a grueling routine – masks once a week, microdermabrasion once a week, nails once a week, teeth whitening once a week, etc. (this all makes me sound so vain, I’m really not, I swear. I just like to look good and take care of my appearance). I normally try to spend two nights a week knocking these out, and they really don’t take all that long, I just didn’t feel like doing it this week. I’ve still been moisturizing at night, and whatnot, but the bigger stuff? Eh. Just didn’t feel like it. Another thing to get on next week when I seem to have a little more free time.
  • Last night Mike and I made pizza and watched the new Bill and Ted movie. Thoroughly enjoyable. It was nice putting everything aside for a few hours and just hanging out. We’re headed out to take pictures for our Christmas card tomorrow, so that’ll be interesting and possibly fun. =D

That’s it for this week. I hope everyone celebrating has a great Thanksgiving.

Stay safe, friends!

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