Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

We ultimately did decide to go to my parents’ house for the holiday tomorrow (we’re celebrating late so everyone can be there). She’s delighted, to say the least.

I think this is a good time to reflect on the last year and really think about what I’ve been thankful for over the past year.

We both have COVID-proof jobs. Since Mike started his new job, we’re both in positions that we really shouldn’t have to worry about being demoted, or furloughed, or laid off. That’s a huge weight off of my mind as we move into winter and the rise in cases. Neither of our jobs are going to be closed down.

We’ve grown stronger as a couple. There was a lot of shit this year – anxiety, depression, etc. – but we’ve come out of this stronger than we went in.

We have great friends. Our friends have supported us through a number of things this year, never judging, but always supporting. Sometimes quietly, sometimes vocally, but we’ve had a really strong support system in our friends.

Our families, at the end of the day, are also pretty awesome. As with our friends, they’ve been supportive cheerleaders throughout the whole ordeal that’s been this year, even if they’ve driven us crazy on more than one instance.

We’re both relatively healthy. While we each have some health issues, by and large we’ve remained healthy this year. There’s a distinct possibility that I had COVID back in January, but other than that there’s been no major health issues. For a few years there it seemed like every other year I was battling some kind of medical crisis – broken leg that took me off of work for three months, kidney infection that lasted three weeks and landed me in the hospital due to the fact that I was apparently actively dying, crippling depression that took me down for over a month.

I’ve committed to actively working on my health, both mental and physical. I’ve gotten back into quasi-regular therapy, I’ve got a system down where I take my meds regularly and on time (bonus win: I’ve only missed two doses of meds in the last six weeks. For awhile there it was about once a week, as much as I hate to admit it). I’ve been pushing myself more recently to work out, eat better, sleep better. And by and large I’m starting to feel better.

The cats are healthy. We’ve always made the cats’ health a priority, especially since we lost one suddenly to cancer a few years back. One could even argue that in many respects we put their health above our own, making sure they see the vet regularly, get any meds that they need, actively look into and treat any health issues that are going on, making sure they have an engaging environment, and showering them with love and affection. As such, our cats are loving, friendly, and healthy. Sometimes a little too loving and I need some personal space, but I’d rather that than them be aloof and stand-offish. Case in point, Rosie is currently sitting on my lap purring away while I type this and Peepers is laying under the desk half on my foot. Everyone that comes in always comments on how friendly the cats are, and that’s because we’ve socialized the crap out of them so instead of being scared of new people, they’re happy to make new friends.

We’re as financially secure as we could be right now. We’ve been lucky in that through this year we’ve been relatively untouched by financial problems. We don’t have as much in savings as I’d like, but we have some. There hasn’t been anything that we’ve needed, or even wanted, this year that we haven’t been able to get. Hell, I’ve even had a ton of body mods done this year between tattoos and piercings.

But it’s just about time to start looking forward into next year. I don’t like to say that I make resolutions, rather than I set goals, and it’s about time to start thinking about what kind of goals do I want to set? Home, health, hobbies, etc. What are the things that I want to accomplish in the next year? Looking back, what have I accomplished this year? How can I learn from where I failed this year to turn it into success in the future?

That’s it for now. Stay safe, friends! And enjoy your Thanksgiving!

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