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Week in Review – 11.29.2020

And here we are again, another week over. In some ways it was a banner week. In others, it totally sucked. Here are some of the highlights and lowlights.

  • Mike and I spent a good amount of time together, often doing nothing but watching TV. We did make a trip to the other side of town for some things, and it was fun being in the car together, even during the silences between us. It’s funny, I never realized it before but there comes a point where silences are just comfortable. Neither of you feel the need to fill them with inane chatter just so they don’t exist. There’s something comfortable in them and about them.
  • Work was busy, but not nearly as insane as I expected it to be. Don’t get me wrong, it was still busy, but I expected mayhem. It was a nice reprieve from what I anticipated. That being said – people are dicks. What in the actual fuck has made people revert back to April’s attitude to masks? This isn’t new, this isn’t different. Literally nothing has changed except things have gotten worse. You assholes are going to be the reason that there’s another shutdown because you claim that wearing a mask infringes on your so-called constitutional rights? And what gives you the right to be nasty to everyone that you meet? Fuck you. I hope you’re moderately inconvenienced at every turn for the next week.
  • Spent some time with the family. That was… nice. Yeah, not really. My mother was in a bit of a mood because she was stressed. She bites off more than she can chew at every holiday and then acts like she’s so aggrieved and she never gets any help (note: we were all in the kitchen helping when she made this comment). Then today she acts all disappointed because I really haven’t kept in touch with most people that I was friends with in high school, including my best friend. It was 20 years ago. People lose touch. People grow up and apart. Nothing wrong with that. Does it suck, sure. But we all have our own lives. And sometimes some people just want to leave their past behind. Even of the people I’m friends with on Facebook, I probably only talk to 3 or 4 of them with any regularity. Apparently the desire to criticize everything in my life is still strong. Time for her to back on an information diet. She only needs to know what she needs to know.
  • Workouts and diets were good for most of the week. I got three runs in and 2 sessions lifting. I would have liked to get a third lifting in, but with all of the family stuff things got away from me. Diet was pretty good with the exception of dinner days, and even then I didn’t get too far off track. It’s funny though, there’s definitely noticeable differences from last week to this, even if the scale isn’t cooperating. My butt and my thighs are starting to get a little firmer, and my stamina is slowly increasing. I plan on getting in a run tomorrow after work, come hell or high water.
  • I got the Erin Condren seasonal surprise box delivered this week. I was totally stoked – it’s a great box and I plan to use everything in it. So excited, right? And then I realized this morning that I also ordered two other items with the box, neither of which I received. Sucks, but it happens, I guess. I don’t need either of those things now or even any time soon. I sent an email to their customer service, so we’ll see what happens.
  • I had a Zoom meeting with a friend of mine who works in HR to go over my resume with an eye toward a few corporate jobs. I’m hoping to get the things she said to included added early in the week and then get that submitted by the end of the week. She seemed overly positive about my resume and my chances, especially if I add the things that we talked about – things that I do at work that I didn’t realize could relate to the potential new job.

My agenda this week looks a lot less crowded than last week, which I’m looking forward to. I want to get the furniture and the door painted this week, as well as the normal stuff around the house. Obviously the resume edits are in the works sometime early in the week. My days are full, but not overly so. I’m looking forward to tacking a new week.

That’s it for now. Stay safe, friends!

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