week in review

Week in review – 12.27.2020

Well here we are on the other side of Christmas. Thank goodness. Work has been nuts, my family has been nuts, and all I’ve wanted to do is hide in my house and read (I got 7 new ebooks for Christmas and a Kindle Unlimited subscription, this is going to happen very soon) and hang out with Mike and the cats.

The week leading up to Christmas wasn’t bad, just busy. The weather sucked – we got a fair bit of snow earlier in the week and then a bit more on Christmas. I’m more than capable of driving in snow, I just hate it. I swear, I need to move south. Work got progressively crazier as the week went on, and while I was off Christmas Eve, I got regular reports from people telling me how insane it was. I was glad to be off.

Christmas Eve with the family, surprisingly, went very well. My mother kept her anxiety under control and no one was barked at or bitched at. It was a Christmas miracle, that didn’t last into Christmas Day when I got bitched at because I didn’t want to air fry the asparagus a half an hour before the meat was even going to be done. No one likes cold asparagus. And then there was the moment when Mike was starting to make the steaks in their small kitchen and she calls three other people in to do pointless things that didn’t need to be done right that second into the kitchen to crowd the whole damn space, and then got pissy when we were all on top of each other and no one was able to do anything. But it passed, and we all, generally, enjoyed the day.

But that’s my limit on family time for awhile. I’m done. I’m not going over there for New Years, I’m not going out to lunch, I’m not doing shit. I’ve done the family shit, the next month is for me – time to do what I want to do, what I need to do.

I’m over Christmas. I’m just glad it’s finally over.

Well, despite being busy it was a productive week. My weight is up a little, which makes sense due to all of the food this week. The gym opens again in 9 days, goddess willing, and I want to have my diet under control my then so I can get back into the business of running and lifting knowing that that half of the equation is where it should be. I really need to knuckle down and stop snacking when I’m not hungry.

I started moving into my new 2021 planner. It’s a new format for next year, so I had some anxiety going into it. Mainly that I didn’t want to screw it up. It took me some time to find my groove in my last planner, so I’m hoping it doesn’t take me as long this time. But I remind myself that the current planner was my first paper planner since high school. I’ll figure it out, even if there is a learning curve.

That’s all I’ve got for this week.

Stay safe, kids!

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