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Now that you know my goals, let’s talk about how I’m going to accomplish them

So we ended 2020 talking about my goals for 2021. But they aren’t going to magically make themselves happen. Behind the achievable goals is a well laid plan. And we all know how much I love plans.

So here we go. I’m going to cherry-pick some points rather than going through the whole list again.

Easy first.

  1. Read 35 books. I’m not worried about this one, I’ve consistently read over 35 books every year for the past six. The hard part is going to be that invariably around mid year I read a number of crap books. Those won’t be counted. I’m trying to pick books that engage me and aren’t mindless drivel. I’m getting a number of books for Christmas (yay!) and I’ve got both Libby and Kindle Unlimited, as well as the number of paper books I have on the bookshelf that I need to dive into. I’m totally set up for reading heaven. (We all know that I’m going to hit that point where I don’t want to read anything that I have and I’m going to troll Amazon for something new, but I have to read the books that I have. So this year’s challenge is to read
    the books that I have.
  2. Quit vaping. This is the one that worries me the most. I keep trying to tell myself that this is going to be a marathon rather than a sprint. I’ve been recommended a book to help with the quitting, but the first thing that I’m going to do is take a step down on the nicotine level that I vape. This isn’t going to be easy. I’ve been smoking since I was 16, and vaping was the tool I used to get off of cigarettes. I’m going to be honest – the thought of going without nicotine is terrifying. But I’ve done it before, for long periods of time, too. Over a year at one point. I ust need to knuckle down and do it.
  3. Spend less time on social media. On January 1st I’m going to delete the Facebook app from my phone for sure, possibly a few others, but Facebook is the one I go to for mindless scrolling. I’ve found that I get nothing out of looking at Facebook, I have some groups that I’m in that I find useful, so I’ll probably check those out at the end of the day when I’m in front of my computer, but that’s it. There isn’t anything on the site that can’t wait until the end of the day, but the trap there is going to be, again, mindless scrolling. I don’t use Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok much, but again – scrolling. I reach for those apps a lot less than Facebook, so I’m not too concerned with deleting them. Will reevaluate if I find myself switching from Facebook to one of them.

Now to some of the harder ones.

  1. Learn a new skill. I’ve been trying to figure out what this is going to be. There’s a lot of things that I do, and while competent, I’m not skilled. I don’t know the little details, the things that come from doing something a long time. So, I think to start, I’m going to dive into macaron making (I’ve tried my hand at this a few times with middling results), knitting (again, I’ve made a few scarfs but nothing major or impressive), and photography. Food, textile, art. I’m going to make it a point to make time to work on each of these things with some regularity.
  2. Be kinder to myself. I need to stop looking at my failures and shortcomings and start looking at all of the things that I have accomplished and the things that I do do well. I’ve had a lot of successes in my life, but in my own head the things that haven’t gone well are what takes up real estate in my head. Things that years later I turn over in my head, looking back at how I would have done things differently or things that I would have changed. I need to let all of that go, focus on the good and the things that I have achieved.
  3. Making time for myself. I’m really bad at this. I take on too much, and forget to make time to do things for me. I don’t know how to relax and unwind. I don’t know how to put it all away and just do something that I want to do. Even when I’m sitting around just reading, I’m checking emails, answering texts, doing laundry, whatever. I just don’t know how to sit down and relax. So I’m going to start leaving my phone in the other room when I’m trying to relax. My computer is already upstairs, so that won’t be a distraction. All I need is a book, some tea, and a snack. Or crocheting or knitting while watching TV. Or doing face masks or doing my nails without multitasking. I need to enjoy the time I have to myself, enjoy the time that I have with Mike, and learn to put everything else on the back burner for a little bit.

So there we go. My plans to tackle at least some of these goals.

I hope everyone had a Happy New Year, and I hope this year goes better than last year.

Stay safe, friends!

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