Time to start thinking about the garden

Before I know it it’s going to be time to start my seedlings for the garden this year. I started them way too early last year, so I’m shooting for maybe late February-early March to start them. But in the meantime I have to figure out what to plant. I’ve got a number of seeds left over from last year, so I’m going to start there.

I definitely want to plant sunflowers. Last year only one survived the late frost, but she might have been my favorite flower of last year. I just love sunflowers. They’re so… happy. I just enjoy them. And I already know where they’re going to be planted.

Vegetables are going to be the hard ones. I’m not going to plant nearly as many tomatoes this year as I did last year. We had tomatoes come out of our ears, and we weren’t able to use as many as we had. Peppers of all colors are a must. We don’t use green peppers enough, but we do use a lot of red, yellow, and orange. So those will get planted. And I have some seeds for some hot peppers, onions, herbs, etc.

I figure nothing is going to actually get planted until April, so I’m probably looking closer to early March to start the seeds, now that I think about it. I made the mistake last year of planting the tomatoes at the front of the box rather than the back, and they got huge so they cast a large shadow on the other plants; I’ll definitely have to put them in the back this year.

In terms of the raised bed itself I need to get in and turn all of the soil and possibly add a little more to top it off and mix in. We got really good soil last year when we filled the box – Mike order a half a truck of organic mix, and the plants we had last year did really well. There’s also a number of grape tomatoes that fell off the last plant when I uprooted everything in the fall that I never got around to grabbing out of the box (they’re still sitting out there, I hate to admit).

On the flower and shrub side there’s nothing that I really want to plant – I’ve got the flower garden pretty much set up the way that I want it. There’s one area that I need to find a nice shade, flowering shrub for, and that doesn’t seem to be easy. I’ve planted some part-sun shrubs in this place, and it just gets a little too much sun and they end up withering and dying. I might just end up putting a boxwood there and call it a day. But that just seems so easy and plain. I like things that flower and are colorful.

I’m going to have to sit down and plan this out and really put some thought into all of this. My gardens every year are something that I’m proud of. I put a lot of time and effort into them, even though they’re all relatively small. But it’s something that I enjoy, and my brother sometimes comes over to give me a hand and we hang out and chat while we’re working, which is nice.

Well, I guess that’s it for now. Stay safe, friends!

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