new me

Each day gets a little easier

It seems like every day that goes by my mood gets a little better. I’m 100% more committed to my goals, and am actually working toward achieving them, not just writing them down and saying that I’m going to do them.

I reworked some of the space in my office – wall stuff, not furniture. I turned my bulletin board into a sort of quasi-vision board. It’s right next to my computer monitor so I see if often. My favorite one says this:

Don’t let anyone treat you like free salsa
You’re extra and you’re worth it

It makes me laugh. But it’s got a point. Too many of us let people treat us worse than we deserve. And it might be redundant to say, but we don’t deserve that.

I sometimes wonder why I let people treat me certain ways. Like I’m not enough, or like I’m second choice. I don’t deserve to be treated that way. No one days.

Because I’m fucking guac.

And so are you.

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