week in review

Week in Review – 03.28.2021

I actually remembered to journal in my planner this week so I have a better idea of what went on! Go me!

Let’s get into it.

  • I managed to get a workout in every day since Monday. I’m expecting the “perfect week” award from my Apple watch tonight. That’ll feel good. I may take Monday off and get back at it on Tuesday, but I’m getting my second shot on Wednesday, so I’m kind of planning that Thursday is going to be a couch and video game day in case I feel like death (I’m hoping that I’m wrong). I’m making a lot of progress, and I don’t want to lose it. I’m feeling very motivated these days and don’t want to end the streak. I guess we’ll see how I feel on Monday, if I need a rest or if I can still push on.
  • Since Monday I’ve lost 3.3 pounds. I’ve been really trying to eat to my macros even if they don’t entirely make sense. I’m eating more calories than I have in two years and I’m dropping weight. This kind of baffles me. I’ve started doing some preliminary research into it, and the whole point (apparently), is to give your body the fuel that it needs to do what it needs by concentrating on eating a certain number of carbs, fat, and protein rather than calories. I’m still not entirely sure it isn’t witchcraft, but it seems to be working so I’m going to run with it. The nice thing is that I’m not always hungry. When I was eating at a calorie deficit I was always hungry, and would eventually spend an evening eating everything in sight, which would undo a lot of the good I had done days previously. I hate doing something that I don’t really understand, but I’m going to keep with it. I also fasted four days last week which I’m sure helped. I target 16 hours, but I have a 17 and 18 in there as well (namely because I slept in in the morning).
  • My motivation across the board has been pretty good this week. The only thing I didn’t get into was my coding classes, but I’m planning on doing that this week. Nothing is going to change if I don’t get started, and I want to get this ball rolling. I’m going to shoot for an hour a day, 3-4 days a week if I can swing it. But at least 2 days, possibly for two hours. I can probably at least do it on my days off.
  • Overall the week was pretty decent – work was good, home was good, friends were good. I got to spend some time with Mike this week, just running errands or watching TV. I think it’s easy to fall into the trap that every marriage has to be grand with adventures, but sometimes it’s the small quiet stuff that’s important. It’s unwinding after a day and eating dinner together while you watch TV. It’s putting away laundry together. It’s the little things that are maintain and strengthen the bonds.
  • I also didn’t get around to sewing what I have of the Sally blanket together, or making any new squares. This goes back to what I talked about the other day – making time for the important things. This is something that I want to do, want to get done. I just to need to find the time, a little at a time, to get it done. What I really need to do is take it all downstairs and work on it while we’re watching TV in the evenings. That’s actually a really good idea now that I think about it. Now I just need to gather the pieces and reset it since the cats have been using the bed where I have it laid out as a combination bed/wrestling right and have scattered them.
  • One of my absolute best friends is in town next week, and I’m so excited. We haven’t seen each other in two years since her and her husband moved to Florida. I was supposed to go visit them last year, but the week before the pandemic struck and all of the flights were cancelled and everything was closed. So needless to say we’re super pumped about seeing each other.

Before I forget, a quick product review. I love having my nails done, but I don’t want to spend the money every 2-3 weeks to get a manicure, I don’t like fake nails, and while I’m half decent at doing my own, I wanted something easier. So on recommendation of a friend, I bought these. They’re super easy to put on, seem to be able to be put through their paces and stay on and not break. They’re reusable as well, which means I’ll get some use out of each set. So if you like the look of a manicure, but don’t like acrylics or spending the money, these might be for you.

So yeah, overall a good week. There’s some things that I need to work on, some things that I need to work on making time for, but I’m slowly drilling down on what I need to do.

I hope everyone had a good weekend. Stay safe, friends!

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