mental health


Things are going well, don’t get me wrong, but I feel like I may have misled the perception to think that things are just great! They are, but that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been work. It’s work every day. It’s work getting out of bed, work getting to work, work going to the gym, work getting things done around the house. But I work at all of these things, because I want normalcy in my life. I want to achieve my goals.

I take my meds, I try to do the right things. Believe me, there are a lot of days that I don’t want to swallow the pills, want to stay in my pajamas and watch Netflix with the cats, and just forget that the world even exists. But I’ve said it before – I want the work. If that’s what it takes to lead a relatively normal life, then I’ll do it.

And yet, there are some days that it’s still a struggle. And that’s ok.

We all have our struggles in life, multiple ones. I don’t honestly believe that there is one person in the world that doesn’t have struggles. It’d be easy to assume that people like the rich and famous, the people that seem to have everything handed to them, the ones that don’t have to work for their success, that they have it easy. But I find it hard to believe that there’s someone out there that leads such a charmed life.

We make what we can of life. That’s all we really can do.

In other news – that stupid boat is finally unstuck. What an ordeal; I’m sure it’s not over yet since shipping lines have been so thoroughly disrupted in the region.

That’s all I’ve got in me today. I hope everyone is having a great week. Stay safe, friends!

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