Friday, Fri-yay

Except not really. I was off today, and I’m not off again until next Thursday. In reality it’s only 5 days, but damn those days can be long.

I may have found a new therapist. We’ve been playing the email game to get something scheduled, but it looks like we’ve got it figured out. Hopefully. I hate playing the scheduling game until you get established and get something sorted out. Luckily I’m not in any rush. I’m not in crisis mode, there are just some things I want to work through. She specializes in mood disorders, anxiety, and, surprisingly enough, self esteem. I could do with a good dose of working on that.

I was thinking about it today – life is pretty good. All of the important relationships are solid. Work is going well. While life isn’t what I expected, or planned it to be, but it’s good. I’m not used to this feeling. I could get used to it, but I’m scared to. If anything with my track history has shown me it’s that good feelings don’t last long. I hope that’s not the case this time around.

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