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I know a person that is literally scared of everything – to the point where they’re afraid to be alone in case something catastrophic happens.

When they Mayan calendar-world ending was a thing, they wanted everyone in their family to take off of work and school for the day and everyone come to the house and spend the day together. Because they were scared that everyone was going to die.

There’s an island off the coast of Africa (maybe? I might be getting this wrong), that if the cliff face breaks off and falls into the ocean will cause a tidal wave that will wipe out most of the East Coast. So they won’t go to the beach.

The election was a whole other bag of apples – that society as we know it was going to collapse, etc.

When that Chinese space debris was going to re-enter the atmosphere and crash somewhere on the planet? They were convinced it was going to hit close to where they lived and we were all going to die.

Even little things – what if you get in a terrible car accident on the way to the grocery store and die?

They’re fearful that they’re going to die, that their loved ones are going to die, that something catastrophic is going to happen at any moment.

Sometimes dealing with this person and their fears is exhausting.

I can’t imagine living with that kind of constant, cataclysmic fear. Even dealing with the periphery of it is exhausting.

I can’t imagine living with this kind of fear. Sure, some fear is healthy, but this kind of fear requires therapy. Deep and intensive therapy. Fear has been preserved through evolution. It can heighten your senses when you feel that something is wrong. It can keep you from doing something your brain perceives as dangerous.

Fear that is completely irrational, I’ve learned, can be a hallmark of a lot of disorders from anxiety to schizophrenia to depression to ADHD.

It might be easier said than done, but don’t let fear rule your life.

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