week in review

Week in Review – 05.16.2021

Another week down the drain. It wasn’t a bad week – not by a long shot (hey, I had a three day weekend which is unheard of in my business unless you requested it off, which I didn’t). It was busy, there was a lot of stuff going on at both home and work. The week went fast. But it was also colored by the fact that Peeps isn’t here. We’re all still getting used to him not being around. There will never be another cat like him. I miss that little guy every day.

So here’s the wrap up of the week.

  • Tuesday I got the call that his remains were ready to be picked up. I drove to the other side of town after work, and then ugly cried the whole way home. There was a finality of bringing his remains home that I didn’t expect. It really brought it home that he’s not coming home. It was a hard afternoon and evening. But they gave him a lovely little box with his name on it, a pawprint, and some fur cuttings. I’m glad to have them all back home where he belongs, even if it wasn’t the way I wanted him to come home. I was worried that this was going to hit my mental health hard, and it definitely did for a few days, but I haven’t slipped down into the pit of despair. I don’t feel 100% yet, but we’ll get there.
  • Work all week was pretty good. Busy, but not nearly as last week thanks to the run up of Mother’s Day. It was just a normal week.
  • Home life was good. I actually got to spend a decent amount of time with Mike, even without seeing each other for a few days. On the occasions that we both have the day off, we’re trying to make a point to do something rather than just do our own thing around the house. Today we went down town and got fresh sushi from the fish markets and then ate sitting on the back of the car. It was a nice morning. I ate way too much, though.
  • Mike seems to have a new game – point out everything that I do that can be attributed to ADHD. It’s been kind of interesting as he’s actually researched it and is pointing out things that I didn’t realize that I do. Some of it is comical, some of it has really caught me off guard.
  • So we got this Turkish snack box off of Amazon. We did this with a Japanese box last year around this time. Guys. The Turkish box is amazing. Everything in it was miles above what we Americans snack on. They definitely are a chocolate-loving country, if this box is any indication. We’re going to do another one in a few months – British or French, maybe? – and see how they stack up. It was a definite surprise. The Japanese one was about 50/50. There was some really good stuff, but there was also some really awful stuff (fish jerky, I’m looking at you. Even the cats wouldn’t go near it).

That’s it for the week. I’m committing myself right now to get totally back into the swing of things, routine-wise. I took a break after Peeps passed just because my heart wasn’t in anything. But I’m feeling pretty good going into this week, and I think that it’s time.

I hope everyone has a great week! Stay safe, friends!

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