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Big plans

I’ve got vacation coming up (YAY!), and I’m already making plans for it. Last vacation was very social, and while I assume that I’ll see some friends, this is more of a get things done vacation. I’ve already got plans to reorganize the kitchen, basement, and garage, plant the vegetable garden, mulch the yard, etc. We’re not having our normal big summer party, but instead we’re going to have some friends over for food, booze, and a fire. I just don’t think that either one of us is up for a huge party. That, and a much smaller party is a lot less work (and money). I’ll probably see some friends for lunch or whatever, but I plan on mostly lying low that week – getting stuff done around here, hanging out with Mike and the cats, things like that. We may take a day trip or two if Mike can get a few of the days off, but we’ll see. I’ll be perfectly content to just hang around here.

I realized yesterday that I haven’t heard a peep from my psychiatrist since I last saw him in…. December? January? He was transitioning to a new role, but said he’d probably start seeing his outpatients around April. It’s almost June. I did call his office to get a prescription refilled, but other than that, radio silence. At what point do I find a new doctor? I mean, I’m not in crisis mode or anything, and I really like him and work well with him so I don’t want to change, but what happens if I do end up in crisis mode and can’t get in touch with him? How do I even go about finding a new doctor? It’s been so long since I’ve had to look that I’m not entirely sure how to even start.

I have an appointment with my therapist tomorrow. In some regards I’m looking forward to it. In some regards not. I need to sit down tonight at work and figure out what we need to talk about. Mike clearly thinks that the ADHD is a ripe topic for picking. Anxiety is still a minor problem.

I guess that’s it for today. I hope everyone has a great day. Stay safe, friends!

4 thoughts on “Big plans

    1. So funny that. His “real” job is that he’s head of a psych floor at a local hospital and sees patients on the side through an office he’s “affiliated” with. In short, they have no idea. They take messages and pass them on. I had to get a med refilled a few months ago and called them. They passed on the message, he filled the script, but I never heard from him about it. It was a maintenance med so there didn’t need to be a conversation.


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