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Making some changes

I spent my morning rearranging my desk. My laptop was in the corner, and now that it’s spring and this room gets warm, it was overheating. So I took the opportunity to make some changes.

I’m going to be making some other changes over the next few weeks. One of my biggest projects when I’m on vacation is going to be rearranging and organizing the kitchen. I’m one of those people that if I don’t see something, it doesn’t exist. I don’t know if it’s an ADD thing or just a me thing, but it’s a problem in the kitchen. I buy too much of stuff because I don’t realize that we already have it, stuff goes bad because I totally forget about it, and the kitchen is the one room in the house that I just don’t know where stuff is, even though I was the one that set it up and has – a few times – ripped it apart and put it back together. So I bought a ton of organization stuff and I’m going to gut the fridge, pantry, and cabinets and rearrange and organize so things make sense, I can see everything, and I know where everything is.

Mike asked me last night if something was going on – if all of this cleaning and organizing had a root cause other than wanting to be organized. There’s a lot of chaos in my life, I want to be able to come home to order and cleanliness. I want to be able to open the fridge or the pantry and know what I have and not stand there staring into it for five minutes while I figure out what I want for dinner because everything is a disorganized mess. So yeah, there’s nothing else really going on, but I’m just over the disorganization.

I’ve also switched up some health stuff. I’ve been using MyFitnessPal to track diet and log food. I recently made the switch to MyMacros+ because I’m tracking more macros than I am straight calories, and this functionality makes a little more sense. I also started lifting at the gym. Granted I’m only doing the machines because I’m nervous to use the free weights or the bars (I know, it sounds stupid, but it is what it is). Other than doing Beachbody lifting programs at home, I haven’t lifted at the gym in almost six months. I did arm day yesterday. Let me tell you, my triceps are sore as all hell. The general plan I’m going to try to follow is do your cardio, track your macros, and lift heavy. I need to push myself. Be disciplined. It’s time to knuckle down and make some damn progress.

That’s it for today. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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