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Things are falling into place nicely

Today is my last day off before vacation starts. A lot of my morning was spent running around getting everything together so I can hit the ground running on Saturday. I bought just about all of the plants that I need to extend the bed in the front yard, put up the trellises and wind some clematis around them, and get the vegetable garden planted. I’ve got most of the kitchen stuff in – the spice jars come on Sunday as the final piece that I need. Today I’m just wrapping up some lose ends to get through the rest of the week and head into vacation clean and free.

So today’s main topic is what to do about my rogue psychiatrist. Two months ago I was able to get a refill on one of my meds, but I’m in need of one now and can’t get in touch with him. He took a job as a director at a local hospital a few months ago, said he was still going to see his long term patients, but I literally haven’t spoken to him since February when he said he was going to start scheduling appointments soon. It’s now the end of May.

What do I do? Would you start looking for a new doctor at this point? That’s the way I’m leaning. I mean, that’s one reason I got back into regular therapy so I’d have some kind of psychological monitoring since I haven’t been able to talk to him. It’s so hard finding a doctor. The major hospital has an outpatient clinic, but for one they’re downtown and I don’t want to have to trek down there, even just once a quarter. Second, they’re going to insist that I see one of their therapists, and I really like the one that I’ve found and don’t want to change. But finding one in the private sector is damn near impossible. Most docs in the area seem to be affiliated with the hospital and fall under the two problems above. I may have found one through psychology today, which is where I found my therapist. I just need to call him tomorrow morning.

I really don’t want to change doctors. I really like mine, and we work well together. Changing doctors in the past has meant fights about my meds, fights about my treatment. I know what works for me. This isn’t my first rodeo. In the past I’ve had doctors want to change my meds on the first appointment because they don’t “agree” with what I’m on, or want to add meds because they think that I’m undermedicated. I don’t understand what’s so hard about listening to me – I know what I need. It’s not that I’m not open to changes, but why mess with what works?

Ugh. I don’t know what to do. Clearly if he’s being nonresponsive I need to at least explore the possibility of a new doc. I guess that answers my question. Interesting how I talked myself into a decision. Now I just have to get it done.

Thanks for listening!

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