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Week in review – 05.30.2021

Where has this year gone? It dawned on me yesterday that tomorrow is the last day in May. I feel like January was a minute ago. And now look at us – maskless! It’s warm outside! (Well, not this weekend, apparently.) Summer is around the corner! It’s been a hell of a year so far.

My vacation started yesterday, and I started on the list of projects. Yesterday’s beast was the kitchen. Our kitchen was a disorganized disaster. We couldn’t find anything, we often bought more of things that we needed (ok, I bought since I do the grocery shopping) because I didn’t realize we already had some at home. So I bought a bunch of organizational stuff and got to it. Here’s some before and after pictures.


I forgot to take a before of these, but key points were I got a new spice rack, organized all of the spices (they had previously been stuffed into one of the cabinets and I never knew what we had, so I got those suckers out of the cabinet and organized), rearranged some of the small appliances (I moved the Keurig to between the stove and sink, a placement that makes a lot more sense), got a fruit bowl to put all of the apples and oranges that I constantly forget about when they’re in the fridge.


The fridge has been a problem for awhile now; everything just seemed to get stuffed in there, so we often didn’t know what we had. Case in point – when I went grocery shopping last week I bought yoghurt because I thought I only had one tub left. Turned out we had 2 other 4 packs in the fridge, leaving us with four four packs. I don’t need that much yoghurt. So I got some organizational bins, cleaned out old stuff and stuff that had gone bad, and put it back in a way that made sense.


This is the thing that took the longest. We don’t have a ton of cabinet space, so wen we moved in we bought these two racks to serve as a pantry. Here’s where the bins really made a difference. I could put like with like and make it so we can actually see what we have. What a novel idea. Now everything has a place and everything is in its place. (Say hello to Newtie and Salem.)

This took the better part of an afternoon, and when it was done it was definitely a feel good kind of day.

Today is going to be day 1 of tackling the yard. I have to get the vegetables in the raised bed, weed, I’m extending one of the flower beds into the yard and around a little tree we have in the front yard, plant some new flowers in that bed, and then mulch the whole thing. This is probably going to take two days, and I’m fine with that. I’ve budged for it, so to speak. At this point I’m just waiting for it to warm up a little before I head outside (I don’t want to garden when it’s 48 degrees. 50 is my cutoff lol).

So that’s what happened this weekend. Let’s take a quick look at last week.

  • My sleep seems to have normalized again. I’m getting 7-8 a night, wake up feeling rested, and I’m getting up a lot easier. I honestly don’t know what the difference is. But I’m enjoying it. I can wake up and hit the ground running.
  • My therapist and I came up with a solution to my morning frenzy run around trying to get everything together. I got a whiteboard for the fridge, and put a list of everything I need to get out of the house in the morning when I work. And the night before I go through the list and make sure I have everything together. It’s saved me on more than one occasion from getting out to the car and realizing I don’t have my keys/breakfast/phone/vape/whatever and having to run back in, normally when I’m already running late.
  • Diet and exercise were great this week. Since I’ve started counting macros and really been strict about things, I’ve lost 10 pounds. We celebrated with pizza last night, so obviously the scale went up a bit this morning. But that’s fine, I know it’ll go back down shortly. This week since I’m off I’m going to really commit to the gym and workouts and see how far I can drive that number down by next week when I go back to work. After that it’s going to be maintaining the commitment. I’ve seen that I can get results, now I just need to knuckle down and turn it into a habit.
  • I got to see some friends last week. It was nice to get out and just hang out for a bit. It was also nice to be social with someone other than the people I work with.

Overall it was a pretty good week. I’m really hoping to enjoy this week coming. We’re having a party here on Saturday, so I’m happy to get the house in order in preparation. But I’ve also got some me-time planned into my week. Days where there isn’t a lot to do that I can sit on the couch and read, or crochet (and maybe finish this blanket sometime soon!), or watch TV, or whatever.

I hope everyone has an excellent week! I’ll see you tomorrow!

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