so much done, still so much left to do

here we are on day 5 of vacation. i’ve gotten a lot done, but there’s still a lot left to do. yard work took up the better part of three days. we definitely ordered too much mulch – i’m just about done and there’s still a ton of mulch left over. Mike is convinced that we can store it until next year. that’s all well and good, but between you and me i’m done moving mulch. i’ve moved about 3 cubic yards of it myself over three days. (i’m sure by now you all know that once we get the last behind the patio dug up, planted, and mulched i’ll still help move the rest of the mulch, but damnit i don’t want to.) the house is in respectable condition. there are some things that i still want to do inside, but generally speaking it’s in good shape. i wouldn’t be totally mortified to have people come in.

in positive news – my kitchen organization system stood up to a $300 grocery shopping. what i did makes sense, and it works. needless to say, i’m quite pleased with myself. i can find everything, i know what we have, and it looks good. i’m not embarrassed by the state of our pantry racks.

today’s focus is going to be finish up the house, keep to my macros (i cheated yesterday and the day before, need to get back with it), get to the gym later tonight, and relax.

i know i budgeted too much to do each day of vacation so i can relax saturday, sunday, and monday, but i’ve gotten the vast majority of it done. overall i’m pleased – i’ve been productive, but i’ve also had a decent amount of downtime. the yard looks great, the house looks good, i’ve spent time with both family and friends. by and large vacation has been an overwhelming success, even if it looked a little different from what most people consider vacation to be.

also, the hunt for a psychiatrist begins. my therapist gave me some names to try. here’s to hoping.

5 thoughts on “so much done, still so much left to do

    1. Thanks. I may have found one. I tentatively have an appointment at the beginning of July. Luckily the first guy I contacted was nice enough to send me a list of almost 20 docs that as far as he knew were accepting new patients. Then it was just a matter of getting an appointment relatively soon. *fingers crossed*

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      1. Thank goodness. That’s one less thing to worry about. My PCP is going to fill my one medication for a month that I was almost out of, so that takes me just about to the appointment.

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