mental health

Big plans

I've got vacation coming up (YAY!), and I'm already making plans for it. Last vacation was very social, and while I assume that I'll see some friends, this is more of a get things done vacation. I've already got plans to reorganize the kitchen, basement, and garage, plant the vegetable garden, mulch the yard, etc.… Continue reading Big plans

mental health


I know a person that is literally scared of everything - to the point where they're afraid to be alone in case something catastrophic happens. When they Mayan calendar-world ending was a thing, they wanted everyone in their family to take off of work and school for the day and everyone come to the house… Continue reading Fear



We lost Mr. Peepers in the early hours of the morning. He was relatively fine yesterday, despite the cold-like symptoms, and then quickly went downhill late last night. By the time we got him to the emergency vet, his symptoms were so broad and numerous and he was so unstable that they couldn't even begin… Continue reading Gutted